Chamois of the Alps, hunting in the blizzard.
   Summer bucks, the best calling professionals.
   Pyrenees, hunting ground of chamois.
   Land of trophies, looking for the red deer.
   Beyond the limits.
   Columbarium, the art of cheat.
   Bellows in the mountains.
   The barkings of the forest.
   Savage duel.
   The secrets of the roebuck hunting.
   The vibrating mountain rabbit hunting.
   The wizards of the forest.
   Ghosts on the heighs.
2    Hunting the Pyrenean Chamois. A big game.
2    Roebuck stalking, looking for the goblin.
3    Red deer trophy in bellowing time.
   Rabbit hunting in the Pyrenees.
   Roebuck stalking in the North of Spain.
   Roebucks in the heart of the Gascony.
   French countryside, a paradise for the roebucks.
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